Welcome to Transition Monmouth

November 2016 – planting party on Vauxhall Fields; in the background is our star tree planter, Roger Hoggins
November 2016 – planting party on Vauxhall Fields; in the background is our star tree planter, Roger Hoggins

Transition Monmouth is a community group that aims to increase self-sufficiency, + to reduce the damaging effects of climate change + economic instability. In the face of declining natural resources, the rise in cost of fuel + food, the problems of pollution + the destruction of our environment, we aim to create a low carbon, local, + self-reliant community.

We celebrated our 10th birthday in September 2017. Back then there were two of us doing the Big Green Monmouth Shopper to discourage the use of plastic carrier bags. Now we have several hundred members + are on our way to achieving ‘Plastic Free Monmouth’ status with separate groups targeting schools, businesses, open spaces + individual actions. ‘Plastic Free Monmouthshire’ is our aim, working with similar groups in Chepstow, Abergavenny + Usk, the Town Councils + the County Council.

Over the years we have built excellent relationships with Monmouthshire County Council (very supportive) + agencies that include Natural Resources Wales, Wye Valley AONB, Gwent Wildlife Trust + others. This is exemplified by RECS (our flood prevention by natural flood management) project covering the northeast area of the county; it’s technical, but also very practical at a community level – we have over 1000 trees planted by schools + community groups, + there is now a general ethos of ‘yes, we too can plant trees + grow food + develop wildflower areas’.

Food Sense is our food justice project which aims to pull together the problems of food poverty / social isolation / waste + excess food. We’re working with the churches, schools, WI, the Food Bank, MCC + others to provide lunches for children during the school holidays, community lunches, a community cupboard available to all, picking up excess food from the supermarkets etc.

We started planting our first community orchard in 2009 at Two River Meadow; we now have small ones in Osbaston + Wyesham too. The latter forms part of Claypatch Woods where there is a thriving community clearing + improving the area; they also hold lots of parties!

We continue with ‘awareness raising’ events + discussion evenings; a highlight in 2016 was George Monbiot addressing a packed Savoy Theatre on the subject of ‘Rewilding’. And there are the Swap Shops, Beans Stalls, coffee mornings + much else besides.

Whatever your passion – food, wildflowers, woodlands, electric vehicles, public transport, renewable energy – you will find we are doing something that will interest you. Or, better still, if you have a project idea, come + talk to us to see how we can help to make your dream come true!

We meet monthly + also have regular discussion evenings (with no business). Have a look at our Facebook pages – Transition Monmouth, Transition Monmouth Chat, Plastic Free Monmouth, Wyesham Community Woodland Project – for the up to date stuff that’s happening in Monmouth – and around the world.