Welcome to Transition Monmouth

November 2016 – planting party on Vauxhall Fields; in the background is our star tree planter, Roger Hoggins
November 2016 – planting party on Vauxhall Fields; in the background is our star tree planter, Roger Hoggins

Transition Monmouth is a community group that aims to increase self-sufficiency, + to reduce the damaging effects of climate change + economic instability. In the face of declining natural resources, the rise in cost of fuel + food, the problems of pollution + the destruction of our environment, we aim to create a low carbon, local, + self-reliant community.

We will be celebrating our 10th birthday in September 2017; over the years:-

  • we have worked with numerous community groups as well as Monmouthshire County Council + agencies such as Natural Resources Wales, Wye Valley AONB, Gwent Wildlife Trust + others on practical projects to achieve our aims
  • we started with the Big Green Monmouth Shopper in an effort to reduce the use of plastic bags, + Swap Shops for seeds, plants and produce
  • we held many ‘awareness raising’ film shows and other events; last year we had George Monbiot address a packed Savoy Theatre on the subject of ‘Rewilding’
  • we have worked extensively with the County Council on renewable energy + energy saving projects, + are in the early stages of RECS (see RECS Diary) – a major flood prevention initiative – no concrete – just land + watercourse management + a great deal of tree planting which we have started with Monmouth Comprehensive School, local primary schools, Friends of Vauxhall Fields + other community groups
  • we have been involved with various woodland projects + are currently working at Claypatch Woods with the Wyesham Community Woodland Group
  • we planted our first community orchard seven years ago; more are in the pipeline
  • + we now have our very own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) project at Old Lands producing organic vegetables + fruit; heritage wheat will follow soon with the aim of developing a ‘real farm’
  • we are also very lucky to have the ‘real bread’ produced at Madeleine’s + the organic produce from Square Farm
  • + in a bid to reduce meat consumption (+ tell people how delicious pulses can be!) we hold a monthly Beans Stall at Monmouth Market

Whatever your passion – food, wildflowers, woodlands, electric vehicles, public transport, renewable energy – you will find we are doing something that will interest you. Or, better still, if you have a project idea, come + talk to us to see how we can help to make your dream come true!

We meet monthly (usually on the third Wednesday) at 7.30 in the Punch House. Have a look at our Facebook page for the up to date stuff that’s happening in Monmouth – and around the world.