Haymaking time …..

Dear Transitioners 

There is still stuff to do this month but a well-earned summer break is nearly upon us – phew! – a chance to charge our collective batteries.

RECS – Renewable Energy Community Schemes with Flood Prevention and Other Benefits

Our brief for a feasibility study went out to tender in May with responses required by 30 June.  A total of 22 companies registered an interest, + six submitted quotes.  The standard was amazing + we are flattered that the best consultants in the field took our idea so seriously, + with such enthusiasm.  We will let you know when an appointment is made later this month.  This project just keeps getting better!

In the meantime we are looking for appropriate places to plant more trees over the winter period.  If you have any bright ideas please contact vivienmitchell@yahoo.co.uk / 01600 715065 / 07931 849486.  The plantings undertaken last winter appear to be surviving despite the very dry weather, + we have the start of an amazingly successful wildflower meadow at Lancaster Way, Osbaston – so good that it has been audited by Dr Stephanie Tyler as part of a nationwide project.  Talking of which …..

It’s Haymaking Time!

As you all know, the way to develop wildflower meadows is to cut twice a year but it is very important to rake off the cuttings as otherwise the soil will get too rich for the wildflowers to thrive – so help, please!  We are never quite sure when MCC will be able to mow at Two River Meadow, Monmouth Cemetery + Lancaster Way but if you are able to help please contact vivienmitchell@yahoo.co.uk or phone 01600 715065 / 07931 849486 + you will get called upon with your rakes in the next few weeks – oh, + again in the autumn.  Thank you!

Our Incredible Edible Bus Stop

You may have seen the fine display of hollyhocks in our herb garden at the bus station.  Well, we’ve left them there because you can eat the petals! – but there’s lots of other stuff – chives, marjoram, sage, fennel, rosemary.  Please help yourself + encourage others to do so.  We had a good write up in the Beacon a few weeks ago, + this was picked up by the editor of Garden News (see their article of 8 July, page 6 entitled ‘Eat While You Wait’).  Apparently there is an ‘Edible Bus Stop’ movement in London, so we are trend setting in the provinces!

What’s On ….

Community Canteen:  Saturday 15 July, 7pm at Holy Trinity Hall, Baker Street, Abergavenny:  This will feature roasted seasonal vegetables + rice, followed by soft fruit + yogurt + biscuits – proceeds for the Farming Community Network, booking essential.  Contact jeremygass@yahoo.co.uk or abercommunitycanteen@gmail.com – + also if you would like to help with preparation starting at 3pm

Members’ Meeting:  Wednesday 19 July, 7.30 at the Punch House – to discuss our website redesign (please bring a laptop or iPad if you have one), our contribution to the Monmouth Place Plan, progress at Claypatch Wood, RECS (we will know our chosen consultant by then), Chippenham Playground, bus timetables, our 10th birthday party, + anything else

Transition Monmouth Coffee Morning:  Saturday 22 July, 10 till 12 at The Priory, Monmouth together with Swap Shop for seeds, plants + produce, tools from Tools for Self Reliance Cymru, + Fairtrade refreshments.  Help, please! – bake a cake, bring plants/produce, or help on the day – contact vivienmitchell@yahoo.co.uk with your offers

Beans Stall:  Saturday 12 August, 10 till 1 in the Blestium Street Car Park:  As ever, we will be handing out free samples of delicious bean meals + recipes.  Please get involved – making a dish, manning the stall – contact anneggleton@waitrose.com if you can help, or just turn up on the day

Allotment Association Coffee Morning:  Saturday 9 September, 10 till 12 at The Priory, Monmouth together with Swap Shop for seeds, plants + produce, tools from Tools for Self Reliance Cymru, + Fairtrade refreshments

Summer Fun Day at Bridges Community Centre:  Saturday 16 September, 10 till 3:  A day packed with information stands, food, music, games + activities all centred on the theme of wellbeing

Transition Monmouth 10th Birthday Party:  Saturday 23 September, 6.30 at Monmouth Priory.  Please let us know if you are able to help with catering/help on the day.  We will reminisce a little with Simon Brown, + look to the future with Sam Bosanquet + all the wonderful things that he and Colum Pawson are doing at the Dingestow Court Estate

And, as ever, there are your Local Produce Markets:-

Usk – Saturday 15 July – 10 till 1
Abergavenny – Thursday 27 July – 9.30 to 2.30
Usk – Saturday 5 August – 10 till 1
Grosmont – Saturday 12 August – 10 till 2
Usk – Saturday 19 August – 10 till 1
Abergavenny – Thursday 24 August – 9.30 to 2.30

We hope to see you soon, hopefully at the Members’ Meeting next Wednesday, 19 July – with your laptop or iPad if you have one.  You might not hear from us again until  September!

Ann Eggleton