Wake up call …..

Dear Transitioners

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report published last month – download from https://www.ipcc.ch/news_and_events/pr_outreach_vietnam_2018.shtml or read one of the many articles such as https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/08/global-warming-must-not-exceed-15c-warns-landmark-un-report – told the world that it really had to get its act together.  It states, loudly + clearly, that unless we make significant changes in the next 12 years we will reach a tipping point in climate change that will be irreversible.  What to do?

We can all make our individual contributions minimising our carbon footprint but it needs a whole lot else.  It needs governments + corporations around the world to unite in the huge changes that are needed.  How about we start with our own Government?  How about getting them to stop building roads + runways – invest in public transport instead.  How about getting them to support renewable energy + stop fracking, etc etc? 

For a start there are two discussion opportunities:-

Discussion Evening – the IPCC report:  Tuesday 27 November, 7.30 at the Robin Hood:  Discussion led by John Payne + Haydn Cullen-Jones

Gathering for some challenging conversation:  Tuesday 11 December, 6.30 at Trealy Farm, Mitchel Troy NP25 4BL – contact https://thepracticeofthewild.com if you would like to attend

Or for those of you ready for some direct civil disobedience action there’s the Extinction Rebellion, launched a couple of weeks ago with a rally in Parliament Square + a few arrests.  There have been more – much reported on social media, not so much in the mainstream media (there’s a surprise!).  Locally there is a group in Abergavenny – on Facebook as Extinction Rebellion:  Abergavenny Affinity Group – providing support/information + organising groups to join in protests in London, + also at the Senedd on 4 December when the vote on the new M4 through the Gwent Levels will be taken.  Contact them via Facebook or email Rob Proctor at robsproc@hotmail.com or come to the next meeting – Wednesday 21 November, 6.30 at the Abergavenny Community Centre in Park Street to plan the way forward – + bring some food to share in true community fashion.

Then of course there is the Iceland Christmas advertisement – banned by Clearcast as being ‘too political’ because it shows the devastation caused by palm oil plantations.  It’s not too political of course to advertise the products that use the palm oil that creates this devastation.  Google ‘Iceland Christmas advert’ to find it on YouTube, + you might like to sign the Change.org petition for it to be shown on television.  We have both up on our Facebook pages.

Christmas – yay! – but not much fun for some.  However, The Robin Hood in good community fashion is putting on a free Christmas meal for those that could do with a roast dinner, good company, + some cheer – but it’s a lot of work, + it costs.  Can you help? – prepping on Christmas Eve, driving on Christmas Day, sponsorship or donations?  Also, do you know someone who would like to have that Christmas meal?   Please email mail@transitionmonmouth.org with offers or suggestions.

And, the most important date for your diary is our AGM!  It will be quick, we promise – just have to get through the necessary business of reports + election of officers – + then it will be onto The Year Ahead.  We’ve had a spectacular year with more activities + more people involved than ever before – lots of hard work, but loads of fun too.  So, please come along to hear what we plan for the coming year + tell us about what you want from us!

We expect Plastic Free Monmouth to have something to celebrate before Christmas + we will let you all know just as soon as we ourselves know.  Here’s a run down of the other dates:-

Members’ AGM + the Year Ahead:  Tuesday 20 November, 7.30 at the Robin Hood – a brief AGM to cover the necessary business, then discussion on what we want to do in the next 12 months

Extinction Rebellion:  Wednesday 21 November, 6.30 at the Abergavenny Community Centre, Park Street:  Bring food to share + a lively discussion on plans for further action

IPCC Report:  Discussion Evening:  Tuesday 27 November, 7.30 at the Robin Hood

Food Sense:  Wednesday 28 November, 7.30 at the Robin Hood – food poverty, social isolation, food waste – come along, or email mail@transitionmonmouth.org for further details

No New M4 Protest:  Tuesday 4 December, 12.30 at the Senedd – join a car share from Monmouth – details from Rob Proctor at robsproc@hotmail.com

Gathering for some challenging Climate Change Conversation:  Tuesday 11 December, 6.30 at Trealy Farm, Mitchel Troy NP25 4BL – contact https://thepracticeofthewild.com if you would like to attend

And the Local Produce Markets:-

Usk – 1st + 3rd Saturdays – 10 till 1
Abergavenny – 4th Thursday – 9.30 to 2.30
+ the
Grosmont Christmas Market – Saturday 15 December – 10 till 4 – all the Christmas Fare you would expect, + more

We hope to see you soon!

Ann Eggleton, Chair
Bryan Miller, Deputy Chair