Climate Ready Gwent – the next WORKSHOP

Dear Transitioners

Vision the effects of climate change on Monmouth, + influence the policy makers

Climate Ready Gwent:  Workshop Number 2
Thursday 21 March, 6pm to 9pm at the Shire Hall, Monmouth

At the first workshop last week we had a very lively evening, albeit on the most sobering of subjects, + we identified:-

  • The key risks to Monmouth from the various climate change impacts such as flooding, droughts, rising temperatures + extreme heat events
  • Ways in which the community perceive risk to the townscape, landscape, economy, service + residents
  • The community’s ideas for adaptive action + how we see ourselves contributing + working with relevant agencies

Next week we will take the outputs of this session + share our ideas with agencies – the County Council, Natural Resources Wales, the Fire Service, Gwent Police, Health Board, Gwent Wildlife Trust + others – who will be instrumental in managing the consequences of climate impacts on the town.  We will share information on:-

  • What the risks are
  • What is already being done to plan for climate risk
  • What else needs to be done
  • The role of the community in building resilience

The aim is to develop specific actions + an ongoing process for work on climate adaption.

This second workshop will again be taken by consultants Dr Alan Netherwood + Dafydd Thomas – well, why not? – they did a grand job last week!  They have extensive experience in working on climate risk + adaptation with government, local authorities, agencies + communities.  We are confident they will give us another stimulating evening that will result in a range of key findings + actions for the agencies + for our community that will yield positive outcomes for the coming decades + Future Generations.

Outcomes of the first workshop will be available early next week.  Please email for a copy + to let us know if you would like to attend on the 21st.

Vivien Mitchell