November 2022

Dear Transitioners

Another email, but a brief one. We have two great projects that need funding, and we need your
vote – please!

We have the Community Fridge. An amazing band of volunteers collects food from the
supermarkets each evening, seven days a week – and the following day this food is available from
the Community Fridge at Bridges. It also gets distributed to Monnow Vale, the shelter, and
elsewhere, and is hugely appreciated. This is food that otherwise would go to landfill – about two
tons a month of it! But this costs, mainly rent and utilities – hence the need for funding.

Green Grow is the group that plants trees, hedges, develops wildflower meadows, etc for
biodiversity, pollinators, resilience, and natural flood management. We welcomed the rebuild of
Monmouth Comprehensive School but, inevitably, this resulted in the loss of much habitat so we
have worked on various planting projects – the Kitchen Garden, wildflower meadow, hedges and
have now started on wildflower areas and a ‘Food for Birds’ garden at the Phoenix Building. It all
costs – hence our request for this funding.
We have applied to You Decide and both projects have been selected to go forward to the final
round, but competing with other Monmouth community projects, the amount dependent on the
number of votes we can get – so please vote for the project of your choice at:

Thank you!
Vivien Mitchell