April 2023

Dear Transitioners

Mike Dunsbee and Nick Day have done a wonderful job over the past two years in setting up Friends of the Lower Wye, a stretch of the river that extends from the Lugg to Chepstow.  They have numerous testing sites along its length, collaborate with other groups as well as the agencies – NRW, Welsh Water and the Environment Agency, and the Councils – and raise awareness at numerous events.  Brilliant!  We have been in discussion with them on how they can best proceed and both parties decided that they would benefit from formally becoming a Transition Monmouth project.  We are delighted, extend a warm welcome and look forward to exciting times ahead!

For the latest on Friends of the Lower Wye, visit their Facebook page and/or email friendsofthelowerwye@gmail.com to receive their very informative newsletter.

Come and hear more about this at our next Members’ Meeting – this coming Tuesday, 11 April at 7.30.  Also on the agenda – see below – will be updates on our Green Grow/Green Spaces projects, discussion of future events and anything else you would like to talk about:-

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A few more dates for your diaries:-

The Big One:  Friday 21 April to Monday 24 April at Parliament Square:Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, XR and other organisations will be joining forces to put as much pressure as possible on the Government to take the climate and ecological emergency seriously – further information on https://extinctionrebellion.uk/the-big-one/ for the family friendly, accessible, creative, engaging and welcoming event awash with colour and culture, and a diverse programme of speakers, performers and workshops.  A coach is being organised from Abergavenny on Saturday 22 April;  please contact me for details.

Hydrogen Powered Life:  Prof Averil Macdonald – Monday 24 April, 7pm at Bridges – an ACE Monmouth event – all welcome!

MCC Climate Community Champions:  10 till 12 Wednesday 10 May:  This is an opportunity for you to participate in discussion about the climate emergency with groups around the county and with MCC Officers.  Please contact mail@transitionmonmouth.org if you would like to attend

Energy Savings in the Home:  Tuesday 16 May, 2.30pm at Bridges – a U3A event but non-members welcome for a small charge

Working Together – Saving the Wye:  Friends of the Lower Wye – Friday 19 May, 7pm at

Bridges – participants to include both the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales

Wye July:  Sunday 9 July, on Chippenham Fields with exhibits from clubs, groups and organisations that have a connection to the river, a procession with the Algae Monster and many other attractions

Lots of interesting stuff to save our precious planet – we look forward to seeing you!

Vivien Mitchell

Agenda:  Members’ Meeting – via Teams

Tuesday 11 April, 7.30pm


Apologies for absence

Note taker

Notes of the March meeting (copied below) and matters arising

Friends of the Lower Wye:  Welcome – and plans for the future

Treasurer’s Report

Green Grow/Green Spaces:

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  • Peter Morgan Community Orchard


  • The Big One:  21 to 24 April –
  • Hydrogen Powered Life:  7pm on Monday 24 April at Bridges – an ACE Monmouth Event with Prof Averil Macdonald
  • MCC Climate Community Champions:  10 till 12 Wednesday 10 May
  • Energy Savings in the Home:  2.30 on Tuesday 16 May at Bridges – a U3A event
  • Working Together – Saving the Wye:  Friends of the Lower Wye’ 6.30 to 10pm, Friday 19 May at Bridges – a rare occasion with both the Environment Agency and NRW on the platform
  • Orchard tree pruning:  July – date to be notified
  • Wye July:  Sunday 9 July
  • Other events


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