Back into action

Dear Transitioners

Back into action after, what we hope was an enjoyable break for you all.  And – the first bit of action is to get gardening, please!  On Sunday 26 September at the Climate Future Festival we will have a stall with information but also a Plant/Seed Swap/Sale. 

Now is a great time to divide up those clumps that have grown too big, and also dig up all those self seeders that you don’t want cluttering up your beds.  Then there’s always seeds to harvest once they have ripened.  The event will be held at the Blestium Street Car Park from 10 till 4.  Apart from visitors we expect a lot of passing trade, and we will need a lot of plants.  Please deliver your donations to our stall on the day, or you can drop them off at my house before then – The Barn, The Burgage, Monmouth NP25 3DP (next door to the front entrance of Monmouth Comprehensive School.  Please give me a ring on 01600 715065 with any queries or if you need plant pots – I have loads to spare.

Our pre-Festival event is Apple Pressing on Sunday 19 September from 10 till 2 at St James Hall, Wyesham.  Bring your washed apples or pears, clean bottles, and walk away with your very own delicious juice.  If you don’t have apples, please come anyway with some bottles as we might have juice to spare.

Charles Emes has created a great ACE Monmouth website with full details of the 81 events planned during the week of 20 to 26 September – films, talks, and a host of events.  Have a look – there is bound to be something that grabs your fancy – starting with the pre-Festival film I Am Greta at the Savoy Theatre this Sunday, 12 September at 4pm – and if you can provide any help with setting up, stewarding, audio etc please follow this link – – password Fe$tiv@l (that’s an L at the end) – to complete the Volunteer Form.

But before that, we have our Members’ Meeting – 7.30 on Tuesday 14 September, at the front of Monmouth Comprehensive School to discuss the Festival, our Apple Pressing events, the Kitchen Garden and wildflower meadow at the school, our Community Orchard on Two River Meadow, Benthyg (Library of Things) and other happenings, and to also have time to talk and catch up – it was so good to have this opportunity at the Bee Festival.  Bring something to sit on, something to drink, and come and join us.  The agenda and notes of our last meeting are below.

So, the dates for your September diaries are:-

I Am Greta – Sunday 12 September, 4pm at the Savoy Theatre
Members’ Meeting – Tuesday 14 September, 7.30 at Monmouth Comprehensive, The Burgage
Apple Pressing – Sunday 19 September, 10 till 2 at St James Hall, Wyesham
Climate Future Festival – 20 to 26 September – see for all the events
Plant/Seed Swap/Sale – Sunday 26 September, 10 till 4 at the Blestium Street Car Park

We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Vivien Mitchell

More happenings

Dear Transitioners

With the easing of restrictions we have more happenings!

Woolly Monmouth Community Hub – at the lower end of Monnow Street on the sunny side with great visibility for traffic and pedestrians:  The idea is to make this a natural meeting place in the web of the community to support, encourage and develop ideas and actions for enrichment of our local area.  On the ground floor we envisage a café space and pop-up shop/event space.  Upstairs seems suited to rentable rooms for meetings, activities/studios workshops, and co-worker spaces, and out in the yard – well, it could be part covered with a tent to give dynamic indoor/outdoor space to act as a café overflow, and used for outdoor meetings (Covid safe), workshops, table sales, repair workshops etc.  It’s time we had a look at this marvellous building to take forward our ideas so we are having a meeting on Tuesday 22 June at 7.30 to do just this.  Interested?  What should we do with the building?  How should it be run (CIC, Charity)?  Please come with your ideas to help develop an opportunity not to be missed.  Hey – Transition Monmouth highly visible in the High Street! – well, at 103-105 Monnow Street.

Beictown:  Sunday 27 June, 10 till 2 in the Monnow Street Market area:  Bike-Friendly Monmouth invite you to join a cycling celebration – bring your bike for a FREE basic check up and bicycle repair service, join the Vintage Bike Ride to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust – register with Honeysuckle Wood (1 Whitecross Street or phone 01600 715264), bike stalls for bikes and all your accessories – ACE Bicycles and Launch Bikes, Monmouth Cycling Club, and lovely street food.

Members’ Meeting:  Tuesday 13 July at 7.30 outside the front of Monmouth Comprehensive School NP25 3DP:  The last meeting was lovely – sitting on the grass under the stars talking to like minds.  In July we will discuss how we go forward with the Community Hub, and also our Community Fridge and Library of Things, and no doubt, lots of other things too.

Monmouth Bee Festival:  Saturday 31 July/Sunday 1 August:  It will be Open Gardens on the Saturday and we will be showing off our Kitchen Garden and wildflower meadow at Monmouth Comprehensive School.  Then on the Sunday the Festival with loads of stalls and information will be held in the Nelson Garden and on Chippy.

Well, there’s some dates for your diaries and we look forward to seeing you at one or more of these events.  One last thing:  Fundraising:  We haven’t been able to hold our usual fundraising activities so have decided to join in the Rotary Club Raffle – tickets £1 each.  We keep all of the proceeds while Rotary pay for the prizes of £250, £150 and £75.  We have a couple of months to sell our allocation of 500 tickets.  Please let me know if you would like to buy!

Vivien Mitchell

Plants and more

Dear Transitioners


A bit last minute – but we are holding a Plant Swap/Sale on Saturday 29 May – 11 am to 3pm at Bridges Centre.  Bring your spare plants to swap, or you can buy what we have on offer.  This coincides with the Covid Creations sale of arts and crafts fundraiser for the Centre with many tempting things to enhance your home or give as presents.  Unfortunately we are not allowed to provide refreshments but hey – the sun might well be shining for you to have a picnic out on the lawns at Drybridge House, Drybridge Park, Monmouth NP25 5AS.

And then there’s the Members’ Meeting – 7.30pm on Tuesday 8 June at the front entrance of Monmouth Comprehensive School, The Burgage NP25 3DP to talk about plans for a new Community Hub in Monnow Street, the Library of Things, a Reuse Shop, the ever-developing programme for the Climate Future Festival, and inevitably, much else.  Bring a chair, bring a drink, and bring yourself!

So yes, at last, we can start doing things together again albeit under the continuing Covid rules, and the weather is due to return to ‘normal’.  We so look forward to seeing you!

Vivien Mitchell

Voting, meeting, greeting

Dear Transitioners


Did you miss the Hustings event with your candidates:  Ian Chandler – Green Party, Peter Fox – Conservative, Hugh Kocan – Plaid Cymru, Catrin Maby – Labour, Nicholas Ramsay – Independent, and Jo Watkins – Lib Dem?  Relax!  Here is another opportunity.  A recording of this interesting discussion is available now at:-

Enjoy – and remember to vote next Thursday!


Yes, we are allowed, once again, to meet outdoors – up to 30 of us in an organised manner – yay!  So, we look forward to seeing you at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11 May at the front of Monmouth Comprehensive School to get updates on the Library of Things, the exciting Climate Future Festival, other goings on and a catch up on your news.  Bring something to sit on, something to drink and wrap up warm – the evenings tend to get chilly;  we will provide the hand gel.

Vivien Mitchell